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We want to have a profound influence on the future, while leaving as small a trace as possible. We want to influence other organisations to put sustainability at the forefront of their thinking. We have always been guided by this ideal. That’s why we can say;

We have never made a Pressio branded product that isn’t sustainable. And we never will. 

We will continue producing the world's best and most sustainable high performance sportswear by exploring the limits of what can be achieved in apparel technology. We are:

Progressing rapidly towards our whole collection being made exclusively from fully recycled and recyclable materials.

In the near future, we will include enhanced biodegradability across all products.

Optimising our supply chain and logistics to minimise transportation and manufacturing emissions. 

The overall goal is not only to remain the most environmentally friendly high performance sportswear brand in the world, but to be the spark that ignites an industry wide revolution and shifts the paradigm towards a ‘planet first’ perspective.

7 pillars of sustainability

Pressio’s 7 pillars are a deconstruction of the key elements of sustainability, which make them easier to understand and more transparent. These are things all sportswear companies can, and should, be doing. 

We believe trust is built through transparency

Transparency isn’t a mere matter of compliance but a right consumers should expect of all businesses. We uphold ourselves and all of our partners to the highest standards, governed by our in-depth Code of Conduct and Policies, created in accordance with regulatory standards. In our endeavour to be as transparent as possible, we present all these to you and more, so you too, can hold us accountable and help us towards a more sustainable future.

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Independent authentication

Sustainability is nothing without accountability. Saying you care about the planet is one thing. We want to show and prove it. 

  • Independent authentication from Green Story is our way of doing that. They collect accurate, credible and verifiable sustainability data from our entire supply chain from fibre to customer. We use it to inform our customers and guide our business decisions. There are no excuses for not being transparent, which is why we are. 
  • We also use fully authenticated fibres like REPREVE® recycled yarns, which are made from recycled post-consumer waste. Each REPREVE® fibre has a code embedded in it, which means we can verify its source. 
  • We partner with State of Flux who ensure our process and products really do comply with the regulations we say they do. This means you can be sure our certifications are authentic.

Fabric science library

We design, manufacture and engineer everything about our fabrics. We hand select the fibres, focussing on the details - the shape of each individual fibre, the source of the recycled materials they are made of, what sort of dyeing process is required to give colour, and much, much more. Our fabrics are what make our garments exceptional. That’s why we put so much time and energy into ensuring they are outstanding at their job.            

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